Officially established on June 26, 2003 with the type of business, airbrush painting and hand painting services for helmets and motocycles. The name Freeflow is defined as “free to flow”, producing works without any particular limitations in style or method. Innovating to have its own uniqueness but still be enjoyed by the general public.

Over time, Freeflow began working on other painting media, such as cars, bicycles, interior & exterior, signage, murals, accessories, and other media by combining various painting techniques. Painting techniques commonly used by Freeflow include airbrushing, pinstriping & lettering, goldleafing, molding, and handpainting. But not limited to these techniques, Freeflow also often uses traditional techniques such as the use of canting to make batik ornaments on paint media.

Currently Freeflow Custom Painting clients do not only come from within the country, but many clients from neighboring countries who use Freeflow services such as clients from Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei Darussalam, Dubai, even to New Zealand and Spain.